Flatt Speakers

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  • Client: Flatt Speakers
  • Date: January, 2015
  • Tags: HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, Fully Responsive Design, SEO, Hosting

Project Description

The Flatt Speakers project was a nice hybrid of professional e-commerce and style. While the website itself isn’t a super creative destination some of the work “behind the scenes” was indeed fun and creative.
I was very happy to be able to do the product photography for Flatt. Anytime I get an opportunity to personally interact with a company; its products or services at length it elevates my IQ respectively. This is very beneficial when it comes to providing quality services or deliverable for any customer in any field.
We wrote the copy for the website together as a team. Again the collaboration in this phase of the project deeply enriched my understanding of the products and the technology. Accordingly the Flatt team was able to learn much about SEO and writing for humans as well as search engines.
This was a basic e-commerce project and took only a couple months to complete. There are many moving parts with e-commerce outside of actual web development. With so many options out there; merchants, gateways, shopping carts and security and compliance regulations I wanted to be sure they understood all variable characteristics with each element before implementation.
Not many things are worse than moving a step forward and two steps back and having to undo and or redo work. In this regard Flatt Speakers was very understanding and a genuine pleasure to work with.