Aural Luscious

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  • Client: Aural Luscious
  • Date: June, 2014
  • Tags: HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, Fully Responsive Design

Project Description

Aural Luscious - AL is one of those projects where something magical happens. I got along so well with the team at AL I decided to join them. AL is exactly what most companies are too weak to do. Most organizations and people included are so busy censoring themselves they dilute their message to the point of worthlessness.
AL was a fun project with lots of laughter and good times. They were very easy to work with. They knew exactly what they wanted and knew how to work toward getting it. Because AL is focused on event marketing, audio logos and aural marketing they wanted to work with an “outsider” to get the whiz on some visual tastes.
As we were brainstorming it became clear that I was a really good fit for the company yet I can’t take all the credit for this website and brand identity. This was a beautiful collaborative effort. I used all the latest HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery I could find and still keep it lean. Fully responsive parallax, slideshow and tasteful animation are the name of the game here.
The copywriting and calls to action were the best part of this project. The dialogue we shared was epic, what a blast! What can I say AL was a slam dunk. They knew what they wanted and we worked together to make it happen.
AL has a keen understanding of neural linguistics, psychology and marketing. They characterize what it means to be real. It is a genuine pleasure to be able to partner with them. When AL finally launches their brand to the mainstream it’s going to be ridiculous!